More of the Best Foods for Your Hair

You’ve heard everyone say this a thousand times: you are what you eat. Well, in many ways it’s true. Especially when it comes to your skin and hair. It’s not just what you put on your hair that makes a difference, it’s what you put into your body. Since it’s the holiday season, chances are you’re about to do some eating. So … [more]

Quick Tips for Healthy Hair

You go to the gym and workout to make sure your body is physically fit. You go to the doctor regularly to stay healthy. You eat the right foods and you get plenty of rest. But are you doing everything you can to make sure your hair is healthy? Check out these tips for healthy hair. 

Winter Hair Care Tips

It looks like we’ve finally seen the last of the triple digit temperatures in Dallas, which is a wonderful thing. But the impending cold front could end up doing some damage to your hair. That’s why it’s important to take extra steps to care for your beautiful locks this winter. Here are a few good winter hair care tips to … [more]