James Goes to Italy: Day 1

James DeFrange

Our owner/founder, James DeFrange, recently completed a successful trip to Italy to receive training on the Kemon 2014 collection. As you may know, our salon is proud to carry the full line of innovative Kemon products. Here’s his dispatch from day 1. 

I am so excited for this trip! I will have to teach four classes to the Italians and then they will determine if I will continue to represent their company here in the US. I will be presenting in conjunction with three other Americans. My Team of regional directors is (there are only four of us responsible for building Kemon hair color in the US) Mars from California, Lindsaya from Detroit and Kathy from Boston. Lindsaya has been with the company the longest so we all kind of look to her as our American leader. She does so much more work than the rest of us when it comes to managing the course info and making sure all of our teams are on the same page. I am looking forward to four days with these ladies but mostly excited for the 2014 collection.

Kemon is not just a color company. They are very connected with what is going on with fashion week in Milan every year. They have a whole team dedicated to determining what will be on the runway eight months before it happens. They launch their collection the same week as fashion week, just like designers, so it’s very important they know what’s going on otherwise they would be way off.  Every year at this time they put out a series of cut and color that represent the changes that we see in clothes, makeup, hair, even what they call the mood of fashion. In short, they are a brilliant company and we need more companies like theirs making hair color and educating colorists around the world.

The Kemon Italian touch(the name of the yearly collection) has yet to fall short of blowing my mind. Last year the looks were right on target and completely changed the look and style I was putting on my clients. This year will be the same I have no doubt.

After nine hours and numerous connections (I’ll spare you the boring details) I land in Paris. I am no dummy, I know there will be a huge, and very slow moving line at the flight desks so I waste no time with lolly gagging or for the bathroom. I manage to be the sixth in line despite being in the back of the plane. The lady tells me the next available flight to Rome from Paris is at 4pm!!!! It’s 8:15 in the morning.

After begging I realized that was the best she could do. I thought i could just go see Paris, but then seeing the lines at customs I got nervous. The Security officer said there was a problem with staffing and it could be as much as two hours to get through customs to leave, and about the same to come back in. Also considering I did not budget spending money in Paris and having 17 days in Italy ahead I decided to just be cool and chill. I was supposed to meet my team in Rome at 10am to meet a driver arranged by Kemon to take us to Citti de Castello, a four hour drive from Rome. A few years ago I missed the same driver and had to do the trains. Leaving from Rome at 12 in the afternoon I barely made the last available train connection at 6pm to get to my destination. Now I am set to land in Rome at 5:45pm. What will I do? Will they send another driver? Will I need to find a last minute place to sleep in Rome? Am I going to be late for my first day and for my first presentation? What a pickle! Though I seem to shine in the face of the unplanned, I will do what I always do, keep calm and chive on.

Will James ever make it out of the Paris airport? Will he miss his presentation? How many macarons will he eat while waiting on his next flight? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

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