The Balayage Effect


Fashion and hair trends come and go so frequently, it can be difficult to commit to one. This is why the balayage effect is one of our favorites. Chances are you’ve seen it, but you may not have heard of the name before. Often confused with the Ombré effect, Balayage is one of the most popular hair color requests in salons today, and there’s a few reasons why. 

What is it? Balayage is a free-hand color technique that creates a subtle and sun kissed look. Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep”. The placement of color is guided by the natural direction that hair flows in. The color is applied to lighten, and lightens more dramatically towards the bottoms. The degree of vibrancy you want with your new hairdo is up to you. Let your stylist know if you want to go for a bold and dramatic look, or one that is more subtle and natural.

Is the balayage effect right for you? If you are one of those people that does not visit a hair stylist frequently, or does not like to put forth much effort in maintaining hairstyles, then this is perfect for you. The balayage effect does not require much maintenance because it is a natural and effortless sun-kissed look. It’s the perfect way to stay fashionable without having to do much work. This look will be extra flattering for those with natural curls and tousled hair, as the color will take on and highlight the direction that the hair moves in.

Other advantages include the fact that it’s an economical haircut. Low maintenance means you don’t have to spend as much money! It’s also a better alternative to dying all of your hair, because there is less damage done. The part of your hair that is going to be most affected will be closer to the tips, and this can be managed by getting a trim every few weeks.

Not sure how dramatic you want your look to be? Try looking through different magazines and online for different celebrity looks to get ideas from!