The Best Foods for Your Hair


You’ve heard everyone say this a thousand times: you are what you eat. Well, in many ways it’s true. Especially when it comes to your skin and hair. It’s not just what you put on your hair that makes a difference, it’s what you put into your body. Here are a few of the best foods for beautiful, healthy hair


Not only is salmon delicious, it’s also packed with healthy nutrients. Salmon is loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are vital to the health of your scalp.

Dark Green Veggies

It’s always important to eat your veggies. Broccoli, spinach and swiss chard are all an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Be sure to stem them or eat them raw to get the most nutrients from these delicious veggies.


Oysters not only come with a pearl (sometimes), they also possess the powerful antioxidant zinc. Zinc is essential for healthy hair and a healthy scalp.


What about eggs? Protein is essential for great hair, and eggs have a huge amount of protein! They also contain biotin and vitamin B-12.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are important to a balanced diet, but did you also know that they’re important to healthy hair too? Whole wheat breads and whole grain cereals are packed with zinc, iron and B-vitamins. And when you’re thinking of what would go great on that bowl of whole grain cereal…

Low Fat Dairy

Dairy products like non-fat milk and low-fat yogurt have tons of healthy protein which is great for your hair, skin and nails.

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