Professional Hair Stylists and Master Colorists in Dallas, Texas

About Us

Photo of James Defrange

Unparalleled in quality, Pura Vida Salon offers high-end treatments and services that are uniquely tailored to each client. The salon is nestled in the cozy Knox/Henderson neighborhood between Uptown and Highland Park. With a team of stylists highly educated in the latest trends of hair styling, cutting and coloring, Pura Vida Salon is proud to be one of the most prestigious salons in Dallas, Texas.

After working with numerous Master Stylists in many salon environments, owner James DeFrange had a vision to change the way the salon industry was developing. There were too many chop-shop, suite rentals where clients received poor customer service, and hair stylists had no motivation to expand their creativity. With stylists Keith Furrh and Tera Stewart by his side, James opened the doors to Pura Vida Salon in October of 2006. They created more than a unique salon culture. They created a system of training and education, enabling every employee to offer the highest quality of service to every client.

Versatility is the key ingredient that allows Pura Vida to create classic, eye-catching, and cutting edge styles. Offering unprecedented hospitality in an unconventional surrounding truly sets them apart from the “typical salon.” The Pura Vida, or pure life, zero stress philosophy is the aspiration for every employee and customer.

We encourage everyone to seek our version of the salon experience.